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Fairlead Consulting Ltd. is at the forefront of SR&ED Consulting in Canada . The company was formed to help Canadian companies improve their financial position by accessing Research and Development incentives offered by the Federal and Provincial Governments.

The principal of the company has been dedicated to this mission since 1995. Fairlead believes in promoting an environment of respect, trust, and professionalism.

Our role is to meet the needs of all the stakeholders in the SR&ED process. Stakeholders are:

  1. Our Clients - the organizations eligible for funding.
  2. Canada Revenue Agency - the government agency that administers the program and requires applications appropriate to the program in order to provide businesses with the maximum they are entitled to under the program.
  3. Ourselves the consultants dedicated to enabling the smooth flow of incentive funding to eligible companies.

Our clients represent a wide variety of business sectors and share one common goal - maximizing the potential of their business. We utilize the services of knowledgeable engineers, accountants, and business professionals who can evaluate the potential funding opportunities for your business and implement a course of action.

Fairlead works with your technical, financial, and management staff to ensure that you are making the most of the available resources. Companies must file an SR&ED claim within 18 months of their fiscal year end or the claim lapses. Call Fairlead today to start claiming your SRED incentives.